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AES Water Solutions

Frac Water Handling

We design water and wastewater handling equipment that can effectively treat frac water on-site. This involves screens, clarifiers, filters, membranes, aerobic and/or anaerobic digesters, in addition to oil-water separation systems.

Frac Water Handling Equipment

Oilfield Water Equipment

Extracting oil from shale resources requires high volume water transfer from groundwater deposits for oilfield services and takes place as near as practical to a sufficient natural water source. We have at our disposal the necessary frac water handling equipment and expertise.

Oilfield Water Equipment

Water Transfer

Our firm’s frac water handling equipment includes a fleet of distribution manifold trailers that enable high volume water transfer storage for oilfield services. Our manifold trailers have the capacity to control water flow rate to as many as ten separate frac water storage containers.

Water Transfer

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Frac Water Transfer – Oilfield Equipment

AES specializes in high volume water transfer services through mobile piping solutions with top-of-the line environmentally safe systems designed to support hydraulic fracturing, or “fracing,” used in hydrocarbon reservoirs.

We provide oilfield services using our frac water transfer and water handling equipment and oilfield water equipment. Our water transfer and frac water handling equipment includes:

AES has more than 50 years in water management solutions. We transport high volumes of water from the source to the drill site using 10-inch mobile aluminum pipe. Our piping has leak proof cam lock connections. Included in the installation are air vents, drain valves and adjustable pressure relief valves. Our portable distribution manifold trailers control the rate of water flow to 10 separate holding tanks. Our pumps are capable of delivering anywhere from 80 to 100 barrels per minute (BPM) of water.

We will also support your needs by including the design of the drilling site location, site preparation, pits, roads, water containment facilities lining as well as your disposal requirements.

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