AES Water Solutions

Frac Water Recycling Systems

Frac Water Recycling SystemsAES has developed and adopted several innovative technologies that provide cost-effective solutions that meet the range of water quality standards for reuse. AES has provided consistent results for achieving high quality brine with high rates of flow with a modular Chemical Coagulant/Dissolved Air Flotation (CC/DAF) water recycling system which can treat upwards of 20,000 barrels of frac water per day. This mobile system will remove 99% of iron and suspended solids above 5 micron and can kill approximately 99% of the bacteria.

Water Recycling

Flow-Back and Well Testing

Flow-Back and Well TestingAES provides the equipment and experienced crews for processing the flowback stream of wastewater that flow back after a frac is completed. AES has one of the newest fleets of flow-back equipment available in the market today to separate gas and sand from flow-back water. The unit includes 2 x 2 manifolds, gas separator packages, sand traps, flare stacks used until lines and storage tanks are in place and well testing equipment to handle flow-back effluent on-site. AES operates top of the line, new equipment to manage the flow back stage, until permanent facilities are installed.

Flow Back

Bacteria Neutralization

Bacteria Testing and NeutralizationAES provides a chemical-free bacteria neutralization system for stored water and on-the-fly treatment during water transfer with up to 95% kill rate. AES has licensed this patented technology exclusively for upstream Oil & Gas applications.

AES provides in-field bacteria testing using the Rapid-B flow cytometry to provide quantitative counting of living bacteria. AES provides mobile laboratory testing for bacteria determination which allows appropriate dosing of biocides based on data rather than estimation.

Bacteria Control

On-Site Evaporation Units

On-Site Evaporation UnitsAES believes that disposal wells are a viable component of the frac water cycle, though should not be a primary option. When surface impoundments begin to reach capacity, evaporation is a cost-effective option that is less expensive than transportation & disposal, and can be managed with less labor and reporting.
The evaporation units can reduce wastewater disposal cost by 35-40% which will provide the customer with an alternative to reducing transporting waste water and disposal cost.


Water Transfer

Water TransferAES provides piping, high volume pumps, manifolds, and experienced crews that safely the process of transferring water for hydraulic fracturing.

AES will design, install, and operate a water transfer job according to site conditions, and we offer lay flat hose ranging from 8”, 10” and 12” diameter hose. Our crews operate safely and efficiently to ensure that every project is uninterrupted and without incidents.

Water Transfer

High Volume Water Storage

High Volume Water StorageAES provides temporary water storage tanks that range in size up to 51,000 barrel capacity. The design of the structure is innovative, allowing for assembly in less than 6 hours with ease of disassembly.

AES temporary storage solutions is complemented by AES HydroFLOW for recirculation and cos-effective bacteria control. AES Water Solutions is responsive for water storage, transfer and recycling. Temporary water storage is cost-effective and easy to assemble.

Water Storage

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